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The Story behind Twin Rabbits Go Farming series
by Thérèse Wood
Keeper of the Magic Key 
& Secrets to Twin Rabbit Power

Farming is big business and in business terms, the acronym G.R.O.W. Means
G= Goal – what are you trying to achieve? purpose?
R= Reality – What are you doing now? current purpose?
O= Opportunities – What other options are there?
W= Way forward – Where & how do we go from here to achieve this purpose?

Farming is all about Growth and growing planted seeds. I used to work for a global company whose main clientele were farmers. In my “Twin Rabbits Go Farming” series my Twin Rabbits grow up through this process of farming and here is a poem I wrote about growth….

Cultivate your plants
watch your vegetables sprout
Learn how to farm
Till the crops throughout

Grow your seeds
& yourselves too
Remove all the weeds
Ready for your vegetable stew

Harvest the produce daily
Please remember to develop
with water & sunlight obviously
‘Til you harvest the perfect crop!

Twin rabbits mature throughout this book series and enjoy an amazing Christmas dinner at the end as a reward for all their annual efforts.

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My children enjoyed this farming series, learning all about tilling and harvesting the land. An enjoyable read especially at the Festive Christmas time.

Caroline Olley

Verified Purchaser

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