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    Whilst on my travels around the world, my friends and I spent a month in Thailand, after awhile we would escape the hot monsoon climate by watching a movie in an air conditioned lounge.

    One of the films we saw, was the Shawshank Redemption. Although this movie is unsuitable for children, I saw the hope quote was written by Stephen King, another author and I decided to write a Hope book for children. This book idea led to me thinking; who depicted hope? It was Nelson Mandela for me who led South Africa and the world in a civil rights movement.

    There is a quiz later here for you to understand more about the greatest leaders, there ever were. As you can see in the picture above, the actor, Morgan Freeman also played Nelson Mandela in the film Invictus, this was another reason I linked hope to South Africa, I trust the children will learn more about the leaders of our world whilst reading my Twin Rabbits Go Avian book and here is a quiz for you too; AVIAN LEADER BOOK QUIZ…

    What was Gandhi’s first name?
    & what was he best known for?

    How many years was Nelson Mandela in prison and what did he put an end to?
    What nickname did Nelson Mandela have?

    Name one of Winston Churchill’s speeches…
    What year did World War 2 end?

    How and which place did Princess Diana die?
    Name a few of the Late Princess Diana’s personal qualities, especially those which inspired charities

    Provide a quote from any leader mentioned in this Avian series…

    List all of the birds of prey

    Name the National Bird of Japan

    Name two of John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s famous songs.

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    In 2015, I managed 12 dogs for a summer work experience with my friend “JENNIFER LIA, Established 1970” where I walked them every morning, noon and night.
    We discussed dog adventures and how some dogs were fabulous with children especially those who were hard of hearing or visually impaired. My cousin is deaf and so I decided to write a poem to introduce this special book; Hey, I’m a guide dog
    Fred’s guide to be exact
    I’m a friendly sort of creature
    No doubt that’s a fact
    I’m always by Fred’s side
    He’s my friend you know
    He thinks I’m the best guide
    & I do too
    My training was tough
    manoeuvring around obstructions
    but I learnt to do my duty
    following all instructions
    Fred & I, are great pals
    We’ve bonded like no other
    You could name us the best of couples
    & I guide him like a brother
    Fred’s eyesight is not great
    & that’s when mine takes over
    I am fit as a fiddle, Fred’s mate
    But he’s always the governor
    A huge Responsibility
    Must be eyes & ears for two
    I help him at the traffic lights
    My instincts will see him through
    I’m aware of my surroundings
    I know when it’s safe to walk
    I bark sometimes, my warning
    He likes to hear me talk
    I carry the phone to Fred
    whenever it rings
    Fred awards me with a treat
    & oh what joy that brings!
    I am now starring in a book
    It is set in Ecuador
    The link is here, have a look
    & I’m the labrador….

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    Twin Rabbits Go Dragon’s Den
    Investing in others is nothing new
    as long as one doesn’t bite off more than one can chew
    Generating ideas and collaborating with others
    family businesses are hard with sisters & brothers,
    One must have entrepreneurial spirit, to impress each dragon in the den
    A business brain and suitable Personality are needed for a ten out of ten!

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    The Story behind Twin Rabbits Go Farming series
    by Thérèse Wood
Keeper of the Magic Key 
& Secrets to Twin Rabbit Power

    Farming is big business and in business terms, the acronym G.R.O.W. Means
    G= Goal – what are you trying to achieve? purpose?
    R= Reality – What are you doing now? current purpose?
    O= Opportunities – What other options are there?
    W= Way forward – Where & how do we go from here to achieve this purpose?

    Farming is all about Growth and growing planted seeds. I used to work for a global company whose main clientele were farmers. In my “Twin Rabbits Go Farming” series my Twin Rabbits grow up through this process of farming and here is a poem I wrote about growth….

    Cultivate your plants
    watch your vegetables sprout
    Learn how to farm
    Till the crops throughout

    Grow your seeds
    & yourselves too
    Remove all the weeds
    Ready for your vegetable stew

    Harvest the produce daily
    Please remember to develop
    with water & sunlight obviously
    ‘Til you harvest the perfect crop!

    Twin rabbits mature throughout this book series and enjoy an amazing Christmas dinner at the end as a reward for all their annual efforts.

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    The Story behind Twin Rabbits Go Feline series
    by Thérèse Wood
Keeper of the Magic Key & Secrets to Twin Rabbit Power

    All children love cats or dogs or rabbits and rabbits love companions, just like me.
    However, cats are not co-dependent. Here is a little prose to give you a hint about this detective series;

    The Regal cats
    Resident in each Palace
    Awaited twin rabbits
    By their grand entrance
    To decipher every clue
    Unique & new
    There were many secrets there
    Who will find the treasure?
    & would they share?
    Twin rabbits thought they were clever
    It is time for you to decide

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    The footie series begins in England, with training in Paris, France then Africa ending up in Rio de Janeiro Olympics

    Two very different sports for two very different audiences.
    But Both are competitive just the same..

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    Twin Rabbits Go Ice-Dancing
    Point Break meets Happy Feet
    & because I’m happy
    so are my Twin Rabbits
    dancing on ice
    to their own binky beat
    Gliding by choice
    down mountain to street
    Eager to meet their fans
    cheering from icy seat.

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    The Story behind Twin Rabbits Go Marry by Thérèse Wood Keeper of the Magic Key & Secrets to Twin Rabbit Power

    My Parents said to me
    Love is the key
    to your happiness
    Weddings are bliss
    & so is your first kiss!
    Dad bent down on one knee
    When he proposed, my mother said Yes!
    I will marry thee
    Then they were betrothed.
    Enjoy this book of celebrations!

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    Anyone, who has seen the movie, The Matrix knows that humans must release themselves from groundhog day somehow, in some way. The One, Neo and Trinity release themselves through love, unconditional love. My book series does not involve any darkness, only light however the message is the same; the fight between good and bad.

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    Growing up, I listened to various gentle meditations from this website;, I also found that the following link centred me and grounded me to Mother Nature however, you may find practising yoga or Pilates etc in nature more beneficial?

    As a result of meditating, I realised Love and Light (pure universal intelligence) are important to all beings in this universe. Regardless of religion or scientific debates, Love and Light do literally make our world go around! I wrote this series with love and light in mind, body and spirit.

    Although, it is important to be spiritual, we are living in a physical body and must nourish our minds as well, therefore, if children have poor nutrition then asides from improving eating habits, there are vitamin and mineral suplements on the following UK website. However, always consult your parents, teachers and/or doctor before taking these; (look for children’s vitamins such as; little people, nutri bears)

    I hope my Twin Rabbit Powers will bring much love & light to your lives, Namaste.

    If you wish to listen to relaxing music whilst meditating, I highly recommend;

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    Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian painter, architect, inventor, and student of all things scientific.
    He is now best known for his art, including two paintings that remain among the world’s
    most famous and admired, Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Art only exists when there is life and life’s creation is made up of this sequence, this is one of the theories of all creation, the Pythagoras theory,

    so one school of thought was that Da Vinci believed to create anything you need the code to life, the Da Vinci code.

    Another inventor was that of the Fibonacci series, determined by studying the pattern of rabbits.

    I, included the leaning Tower of Pisa in this series due to the fact the Fibonacci sequence was invented by the Italian,
    Leonardo Pisano Bigollo (1180-1250), who is known in mathematical history by several names:
    Leonardo of Pisa (Pisano means “from Pisa”) and Fibonacci (which means “son of Bonacci”).

    Fibonacci’s Rabbits. In the West, the Fibonacci sequence first appears in the book Liber Abaci (1202) by Leonardo of Pisa, known as Fibonacci. Rabbits never die and a mating pair always produces one new pair (one male, one female) every month from the second month on. ART IS A WAY OF CREATING NEW LIFE, I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE MANY FORMS OF ART IN THIS ITALIAN SERIES….

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    The Story behind Twin Rabbits Go Rugby series
    by Thérèse Wood
    Keeper of the Magic Key
    & Secrets to Twin Rabbit Power

    Sport has a way of bringing all kinds of genres together and this is what my rugby series aims to do.

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