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    In 2015, I managed 12 dogs for a summer work experience with my friend “JENNIFER LIA, Established 1970” where I walked them every morning, noon and night.
    We discussed dog adventures and how some dogs were fabulous with children especially those who were hard of hearing or visually impaired. My cousin is deaf and so I decided to write a poem to introduce this special book; Hey, I’m a guide dog
    Fred’s guide to be exact
    I’m a friendly sort of creature
    No doubt that’s a fact
    I’m always by Fred’s side
    He’s my friend you know
    He thinks I’m the best guide
    & I do too
    My training was tough
    manoeuvring around obstructions
    but I learnt to do my duty
    following all instructions
    Fred & I, are great pals
    We’ve bonded like no other
    You could name us the best of couples
    & I guide him like a brother
    Fred’s eyesight is not great
    & that’s when mine takes over
    I am fit as a fiddle, Fred’s mate
    But he’s always the governor
    A huge Responsibility
    Must be eyes & ears for two
    I help him at the traffic lights
    My instincts will see him through
    I’m aware of my surroundings
    I know when it’s safe to walk
    I bark sometimes, my warning
    He likes to hear me talk
    I carry the phone to Fred
    whenever it rings
    Fred awards me with a treat
    & oh what joy that brings!
    I am now starring in a book
    It is set in Ecuador
    The link is here, have a look
    & I’m the labrador….

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    I didn’t become a poet, I was born a poet
    when I remembered I had a voice,

    & that voice had been cooped up in a cage

    but over time it grew wings
    & creativity filled it with colour

    Just like a bird

    it was set free

    free as a butterfly….

    a butterfly would lead me around the woods and one day, as I sat down listening to nature a dragonfly decided to land on my shoulder. It had a purple hue and glistened as silver in the sunlight.

    As you are all probably aware, nature is the most important natural source of energy in the universe. Whilst I reviewed this book of the wood element, I decided my surname, Wood was globally recognised because there are forests, woods and rainforest on all continents of the world.

    The five Chinese elements are; wood, water, fire, metal and earth.

    The four Japanese elements are; wind, fire earth and water.

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    This is an adorable children’s tale. It follows twin rabbits who accidentally eat the Easter Bunny’s trail of cookies – written in rhyme. It’s one of those simple but delightful stories children want to read over and over. The illustrations are vibrant and interesting, full of all the things that children love – rainbows, cookies, Easter eggs, animals, fairies, and magic. I hope to see more from this author.

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