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The Story behind Twin Rabbits Go Windsor series
by Thérèse Wood
Keeper of the Magic Key 
& Secrets to Twin Rabbit Power

Being a Windsor resident, neighbour to our Queen! I was excited to go to the Royal wedding on 19th May 2018.

The Kingdom choir sang, Stand by Me & the excited crowds outside the castle joined in.
It was an amazing and unusually hot, sunny day in Great Britain & that night, the love atmosphere was electric in Windsor!
The following day, I reviewed other songs by the Kingdom Choir such as, You’re the Voice…
& the lyrics; “we can write what we want to write” resonates with me as I, too have a voice and am an author.
“We’re all someone’s daughter, we’re all someone’s son” is also so true… Princesses Kate & Meghan & Princes William and Harry also have children, our Queen’s great grandchildren.
This is why I dedicated one of my book series to this great place of Windsor. I knew I wanted to dedicate this childrens’ series to the Royals and whilst sitting in a café one day with a few friends, I collaborated with everyone inside that café, requesting that each of them create a character to feature in my Windsor book. A couple of Australians, Stuart & Patricia Ramsey then entered the coffee shop and introduced the pirate theme aiming to reclaim their gold!
As a result of meeting this couple I dedicated this series to the Leukaemia for children charity (Australia & UK specific)
As you are already aware that security is tight around the Royals, I decided that the swans on the River Thames must be the experts at keeping the Queen’s gold safe. Swans are a protected species due to the fact The Crown retains the right to ownership and wild swans are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The swans in my series also have a favourite saying, “WHAT HAPPENS ON THE THAMES, STAYS ON THE THAMES!”
We, as a group, found freedom in creating what we wanted, I hope that you will too, in any creative way, to find freedom to express yourselves.


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