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Growing up, I listened to various gentle meditations from this website;, I also found that the following link centred me and grounded me to Mother Nature however, you may find practising yoga or Pilates etc in nature more beneficial?

As a result of meditating, I realised Love and Light (pure universal intelligence) are important to all beings in this universe. Regardless of religion or scientific debates, Love and Light do literally make our world go around! I wrote this series with love and light in mind, body and spirit.

Although, it is important to be spiritual, we are living in a physical body and must nourish our minds as well, therefore, if children have poor nutrition then asides from improving eating habits, there are vitamin and mineral suplements on the following UK website. However, always consult your parents, teachers and/or doctor before taking these; (look for children’s vitamins such as; little people, nutri bears)

I hope my Twin Rabbit Powers will bring much love & light to your lives, Namaste.

If you wish to listen to relaxing music whilst meditating, I highly recommend;

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a magical story for children

Jane Rosel

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